Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Use Smartly Your Time In Rome For 3 Days (self catering lodgings rome)

Self Catering Lodgings Rome

The Steps
  1. Arrived in the city on the morning of the first plane, bus, etc.
  2. Visit Rome's historical buildings in the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus and the Roman Forum.
  3. Spend the first evening the local restaurants and nightlife, to the Spanish Steps.
  4. Bring the whole of the second day to the Vatican. Go to the dome at the top of the crypt to see the building, painting, sculpture and along the road.
  5. The second night go to the Trevi Fountain. Enjoy dinner at a local cafe.
  6. The third day is for catching up. Walked to the missed a historic place, and do some shopping.
  7. Do have a special farewell dinner before leaving this "Eternal City".
Self Catering Lodgings Rome

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